Gymnastic floor + football = Awesome

Gymnastics in Space

iPhone ringtonemix

Talents on the launchpad, pretty cool tune!

Cliff Diving

It must be an incredible feeling rushing 27m down, doing triple flips and twists!
By the way, at 50s in, is that a quadruple twist triple flip?

Double back – Death gap

Swedish guy Jesper Tjäder does an incredibly jump!

Trust Your Power

Motivational commercial!

Women are Awesome

People are awesome, especially some women!

Best of Web 6

If you somehow missed this! Awesomeness

Scramble Eggs

Fireworks this Year!

Sorry for the low amount of posts. Hectic times, but I’ll try keep it up! :)
Be patient my friends.

Here is what you can do this year if you can’t afford fireworks!