This was 2013

This was 2013.

We leave behind us a year were we had new expectations, new possibilities, new promises and new life. Next year will be the same, a fresh start!

Sports from Red Bull

Follow Red Bull on Youtube if you aren’t already!

Cool skate video!

Inspirational for all you out there! Widen your mental practice and push your body further!

What Did 2013 Say?

A youtube mashup with a lot of youtubers! Not that great, but still watchable!

People are Awesome

Christmas Hacks

A few ideas for Christmas :)

Magic for Kids

Faith in humanity: Restoring


Yep, I want this!

Meet the Lions

Love this idea! And those images he take, are awesome.

Animated truth

Kind of sad, but a perfect reflection about what’s going on out there..

Cirque du Soleil