Christmas Fun

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If you somehow missed this! Awesomeness

Awkward Solution

But it’sa Me Mario!

Rad Dudes

Balance: 9001

Sick balance save! Starts at 21s

Scramble Eggs

Fireworks this Year!

Sorry for the low amount of posts. Hectic times, but I’ll try keep it up! :)
Be patient my friends.

Here is what you can do this year if you can’t afford fireworks!

This was 2013

This was 2013.

We leave behind us a year were we had new expectations, new possibilities, new promises and new life. Next year will be the same, a fresh start!

Sports from Red Bull

Follow Red Bull on Youtube if you aren’t already!

Cool skate video!

Inspirational for all you out there! Widen your mental practice and push your body further!