Feeling smart?

Well, watch this little genius! He even corrects Jimmy!

Mobile Squad

PC gamers will understand, playing on phone or console!

I’ll fly this plane!

Best Vines

Yea, I really don’t get the Vine concept. But there are a few worth watching.

Substitute Teacher

This is absolute the new way I’m gonna pronounce names when I don’t know how to pronounce them!

Slick Magic Trick

How to do Real magic!

Animal Comedy

Can’t decide if psychotic, or just heavily “medicated”!

Old School Acrobats

Damn, these guys know how to flip the human body! Just slick and sick!

GoPro: Bike Cat

There are many reasons to get a cat, this is one awesome reason!

Slo Mega Explosion

Slo mo guys, with their awesome slow videos!